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microneedling near me bbl & halo treatments

Glowing Skin with BBL HALO Sciton Treatments

Legend has it that a sip from the Fountain of Youth could restore vitality. Today’s modern technology offers that same result with Sciton’s HALO Laser and BroadBand Light (BBL) treatment options. Sciton’s state-of-the-art cosmetic technology infuses laser energy and pulsating light deep into the skin, delivering outstanding results for patients of all skin types. Say farewell to fairytales and embrace real solutions for rejuvenated skin today with Olympia Aesthetics.

What Is Sciton?

Sciton is a treatment system designed to enhance and rejuvenate the appearance of aging skin, pigmentation, acne, facial redness, deep pores, and sun damage. Sciton treatments move laser energy or pulsating light deep within the skin to promote skin restoration and rejuvenation with minimal to no downtime.

microneedling near me bbl & halo treatments

HALO Laser Treatments

The HALO Laser is the secret to achieving Sciton’s coveted long-lasting skin brightness also known as the “HALO Glow.”

HALO simultaneously delivers a non-ablative and ablative laser energy to your preferred treatment areas, causing the top layers of the skin to resurface. HALO is one of the most requested treatment options for those suffering from acne, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage to the face, neck, chest, and hands.

BBL Treatments

In consultation with our providers, we will lead you through personalizing a BBL treatment plan to address your skin’s unique revitalization skin goals. Unlike other treatment options, BBL uses intense pulsed light to reactivate collagen regeneration on the upper layers of the skin while changing the structure of skin cells at the molecular level.

BBL is highly beneficial for patients suffering from acne, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots, rosacea, and enlarged pores and can be used on the body and face.

Double the Effectiveness

Because of the difference in technology, a combination of a HALO Laser and BBL treatment will provide dramatically improved results. BBL treatments can also be combined with other skin care treatments including a HydraFacial for added benefits.

Comfort is our Goal

At Olympia Aesthetics, providing you with a Zen experience is a top priority for our business. Both HALO and BBL treatments use topical numbing creams to ensure your comfort throughout the entire treatment process.

You can also choose to incorporate additional comfort with the help of Pro-Nox, an analgesic gas also known as “laughing gas.” With Pro-Nox, experience relief from pain, anxiety, stress, and discomfort and enjoy a sensation of tranquility and euphoria with this completely self-administered and controlled solution to pain and anxiety management.

At Olympia Aesthetics, we are here to ensure that your treatments bring you relaxation and skin rejuvenation from start to finish. Call us today to discover the secret to timeless skin with a Sciton HALO or BBL treatment at Olympia Aesthetics.


Below are commonly asked questions about BBL/HALO.

BBL and HALO are different treatments offered by Sciton. BBL uses pulsating light to treat the skin. HALO uses a combination of non-ablative and ablative laser energy to penetrate deep into the skin.

You can begin to see noticeable changes to your skin in just 1-2 treatments with little to no downtime. The number of treatments needed will depend on your skin and will be determined in consultation with our providers.

It is extremely important to use sunscreen every day, especially in the days leading up to your treatment session. Any retinoid treatments should be stopped at least two weeks before your BBL or HALO treatment to lower the risk of sensitivity. 

It is important to follow your provider’s post-care instructions to maximize your results and ensure a seamless recovery. After a BBL or HALO treatment is completed, your skin may feel tender, and any pigmentation may temporarily darken. Some swelling and redness may also occur as well as the development of MENDS, microscopic epidermal necrotic debris. MENDS appear as small brown spots on the face that take about 5-7 days to fall off naturally.

Sunscreen is an absolute after any laser or light treatment.

No. We use a topical numbing cream for comfort as well as offer Pro-Nox, a safe and effective analgesic gas also known as “laughing gas.”

Pro-Nox is an analgesic gas that blends Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen to create a safe solution for easing anxiety and relieving pain during treatments. After only a few deep breaths, you will begin to feel your tension melt away, leaving you feeling lighter, calmer, and happier.

Pro-Nox does not have any harmful side effects associated with it.

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Discover Your Timeless Beauty

At Olympia Aesthetics, we have a deep passion for helping patients enhance and embrace their natural beauty. With unmatched patient support and cutting-edge skincare treatments, make Olympia Aesthetics your place for timeless beauty, boosted confidence, and transformative skincare. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your BBL/HALO treatment with Olympia Aesthetics.