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Sculptra Treatments

Are you longing for smoother, more youthful skin? Say goodbye to wrinkles and embrace your radiant complexion with Sculptra, an FDA-approved facial filler that addresses the root cause of facial aging by restoring your skin’s natural collagen for results that can last up to two years.


What Is Sculptra?

Unlike collagen creams, supplements, and other dermal fillers, Sculptra is a revolutionary FDA-approved injectable designed to stimulate your body’s own production of collagen rather than just add filler. Sculptra is not immediate and works overtime to revitalize collagen production, and because it builds volume over time, it offers more natural-looking results.

bye bye facial wrinkles

Sculptra is used to smooth deep-set wrinkles on the face by increasing facial volume. In consultation with our providers, a Sculptra injection is approved for:

  • Nasolabial folds, also known as smile lines, around the nose and mouth
  • Marionette lines around the mouth
  • Wrinkles on and around the chin

Comfort and Effects Like No Other

Sculptra injectables contain lidocaine to help ease any pain felt during the treatment process. To maximize your comfort, our providers will apply a local anesthetic to numb any additional injectable discomfort. Olympia Aesthetics also offers Pro-nox for additional pain management or anxiety if needed. Pain or swelling resulting from treatment usually resolves within 24 hours.

Patients who receive Sculptra are able to resume daily activities immediately after treatment without any significant downtime or side effects.

Don’t wait to turn back the hands of time! Reach out to our office today for more information about how we can transform your skin with a Sculptra treatment at Olympia Aesthetics.



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The Elevens

15 Minutes - $14/Unit - 12-20 Units

Scowl Lines

15 Minutes - $14/Unit - 10-25 Units

Lip Lines/Lip Flip

15 Minutes - $14/Unit - 4-8 Unit

Brow Lift

15 Minutes - $14/Unit - 4-10 Units

Crow’s Feet

15 Minutes - $14/Unit - 12-20 Units


15 Minutes - $14/Unit - 40-100 Units

Dimpled Chin

15 Minutes - $14/Unit - 6-8 Units

Bunny Lines

15 Minutes - $14/Unit - 6-12 Units

Headache/Migraine Relief

15 Minutes - $14/Unit - 30-50 Units


Below are commonly asked questions about Sculptra.

Not all dermal filler treatment options are created equal. Sculptra stands out from the crowd as a unique solution to treating the appearance of wrinkles through collagen stimulation in a way that is more effective than using collagen creams or supplements. Unlike these options, Sculptra is an injectable that penetrates deep into the skin’s layer, providing a more effective, natural-looking, and long-lasting treatment option for patients.

As we age, our skin becomes more exposed to the sun, causing a natural breakdown in collagen production which ultimately leads to the formation of wrinkles. Scultpra is used to treat this effect by injecting small poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA) beads below the surface of the skin. These beads break down below the skin’s surface, causing the body to kickstart new collagen production. New collagen in the skin improves the overall look of facial lines, leading to a smoother, more youthful appearance.

A Sculptra treatment is a fast and painless option for smoothing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. After consulting our providers about your skin care goals and discussing your medical history for any potential concerns, Sculptra will be injected under the skin’s surface with a fine needle in a grid-like pattern and then massaged into the skin for even distribution.

Post-treatment options will depend on individual reactions but may include using an ice pack to help with swelling, massaging the treated area, avoiding strenuous activity, and avoiding sun exposure. Make-up can be applied to the treatment area within a few hours after treatment if there are no signs of infection. We recommend reaching out with any questions pertaining to potential side effects to see if Sculptra is right for you.

Visible improvement of the appearance of wrinkles gradually appears a few weeks after your first treatment. A typical series of one to four treatment sessions spaced out every three to four weeks is recommended for optimal results. After using Scultpra, some patients report seeing results lasting up to 25 months!

Sculptra has been FDA-approved in the United States since 1999. Sculptra’s main ingredient is poly-l-lactic acid (PPLA), which is a biodegradable substance most often found in dissolvable stitches.

The most common side effects of Sculptra include swelling, tenderness, redness, pain, bruising, itching, and small lumps under the skin.

Sculptra is considered a relatively safe injectable for most patients except for those who have a history of severe allergies or anaphylaxis shock. Consult with our providers to see if Scultpra is right for you.

Now is the Time for Heavenly Beauty

At Olympia Aesthetics, we have a deep passion for helping patients enhance and embrace their natural beauty. With unmatched patient support and cutting-edge skincare treatments, make Olympia Aesthetics your place for timeless beauty, boosted confidence, and transformative skincare. Call us today to schedule an appointment for your Sculptra treatment with Olympia Aesthetics.